What is Fyooz?

Social media has, for more than a decade, been the focal point for human attention. Celebrities, brands, and causes garner millions of followers, but the medium doesn’t provide for any exchange of value. Until now, people have been giving away their attention for free.

Fyooz develops and operates a platform where stars, celebrities, idols and more can be tokenized. On the Fyooz platform, tokens will be issued and traded. To operate the marketplace for the trading of Star Tokens, the company behind Fyooz, Urknall AG, will create and issue its own payment token called the Fyooz Coin (FYZ).

The Fyooz marketplace allows fans, followers, supporters, and investors to participate in the emotional value of the attention economy and to accompany their favorite stars on their journey. The stars, on the other hand, can bind their fans, followers, and supporters closer to themselves, generating more attention, raising money, and potentially increasing their market value on the Fyooz marketplace. Stars can be individuals, organizations or brands of the world of arts, sports, politics, entertainment – really any aspect of the attention economy.

Fyooz is a marketplace for tokens. On this marketplace, digital tokens can be created and traded. It’s a platform where people are free to participate in whatever they love and admire.

What does that mean? Grab your mobile and imagine you have an app installed, that lets you not only like things you love, but lets you also buy tokens representing things you love. On Fyooz, you can buy tokens representing things or people you like, and then you can sell them whenever you want.

How does Fyooz work?

The tokens that are listed and traded on the Fyooz marketplace are called Star Tokens. Star Tokens are bought and sold against Fyooz Coins. You can buy Star Tokens also with Fiat money. The platform itself is based on the following pillars.

  • the payment widget
  • the marketplace
  • the Fyooz app
  • the Fyooz coin (FYZ)
  • the Fyooz Circle