Vision and Mission Statement

Fyooz is a movement. A movement for good. We believe that people should be free to share and trade anything with anyone at anytime. We have a clear mission:

we rehumanize trade

Our vision is

a world where anyone can participate in everything that has value.

To bring our vision into reality, we strive for the following:

Our goal is to:

  • change the way we contribute to and participate in what we believe in
  • overcome the paradox of access and provide an opportunity to participate financially
  • use attention for the greater good
  • bring​ ​blockchain-based​ ​​token​ ​economy​​ ​to​ ​​the mainstream

We do so by:

  • providing a technically simple and intuitive platform that everyone can use
  • removing the barriers for participation
  • creating different interaction levels for different user types, e.g. trends and ratings are public.