The Solution: Fyooz

We expect the world to change radically in the years to come. Driven by digital technologies, the fourth industrial revolution has begun. The current global pandemic will quicken the pace of necessary change. Crypto will become mainstream, with more and more people holding crypto assets. A new form of networked governance will introduce new types of value creation with crypto assets rather than equity, contributors rather than employees, and decentralized collaboration rather than centralized ownership. We are on a mission to shorten that distance. And we want to use the possibility of blockchain to increase participation in markets, to liberate people, and to further the global re-allocation of capital.

Value, income and wealth can now be created and stored in the digital realm. As long as we discover new ways to create value, new types of businesses will emerge. And just like it was possible to pool resources of shareholders, and a crowd to fund a project, blockchains and crypto businesses can drive the standard of living forward by creating a new type of abundance centered around attention. We can change the fundamental problems that capitalism causes today: A marketplace like Fyooz enables investment and wealth creation for everyone, including those who only have a little to invest. Inequality is reduced if access is open to everyone, leveling the potential to aggregate capital. With Fyooz, people directly and transparently see and understand in what they invest. Price reflects attention. Attention reflects value.

Blockchain technology itself offers limitless possibilities for sharing and safeguarding value. In particular, it enables the operationalization of symbolic value. In the attention economy, symbolic capital refers to the good will value of fame, reputation and followers. In todays market, this value is expressed in ratings, likes, shares and the number of followers, making immaterial value calculable and predictable. With Fyooz, we want to help cryptocurrency move into the mainstream economy. We believe this can only be achieved by creating a new economy that functions according to new rules, based on the technology that created the prerequisites for decentralized business models: The rules of the token economy. Fyooz delivers a world of access and participation by enabling people to participate when buying tokens. Tokens of anything they love and value. By combining the logic of the stock market and the power of social media, we create a gateway to a new market for everything people like, support and admire.

Our mission is to build the world’s first marketplace for everything you value.

Fyooz is based on the vision that people should be free to share and trade anything with anyone at anytime. And as ‘likes’ became the currency for attention, we create a marketplace for everything that interests people. This interest can concentrate on social movements, brands, influencers, destinations, events, and celebrities from the entertainment and sports industry. It can also be project-related: Think of a cause people care about or an artist people admire. Think of a small business in your own neighborhood you want to support or a scientific idea you feel is worth pursuing. As basically everything can be tokenized and traded, Fyooz allows you to invest in anything that is valuable to you.

For the Token Holder

By buying a token of a star, a project or a brand, fans, supporters, and followers can engage in the success in the success of their heroes – not only emotionally, but also financially. The expected benefit of holding a token is value-enhancing, while already the investment itself is credited with instant utilities that can be emotional, functional or monetary in nature. These utilities are defined by the token issuer and are exclusive (to read more about the utilities, check → Utilities).

Participation: Fyooz enables being part of a movement. One can support a cause and team up with others.

Exclusive Access and Community: Fyooz is giving access to exclusive products, services, content and privileges.

Reward By increasing the value of the token, supporters receive a return on their investment if the brand, star or project receives greater attention and demand, which will make the token more desirable. When many people believe in a token and want to participate financially then it increases in value.

For the Token Issuer

For the token-issuer, Fyooz enables a new revenue stream. It creates a new touchpoint for brands increasing their interaction with fans and supporters. Interaction with a token boosts customer and fan involvement and enlarges supporter and fan reward.

Revenue: Fyooz opens up a completely new revenue stream. Brands can now capitalize on their emotional value.

Marketing: Fyooz grows the passive Like-Community into an active Invest-Community. For the first time, a channel is created between a brand and its true, ready-to-invest, believers. Fans become ambassadors.

Insight: Brands can now use the token to validate interest in products and projects, and even earn pre-financing.

The implementation costs for a brand are very low. The token issuer has exclusive power to decide about the token quantity, price, and the promised utilities.

Comparison to Social Media

Fyooz is the only platform that acts as a melting pot, re-bundling all the advantages of the existing individual benefits of social media, crowdfunding, loyalty programs, merchandising, etc., thus enabling previously impossible synergies. In other words, Fyooz does not offer the one added value, but several and individual ones, depending on the user’s motivation. This results in the concrete added value.

Added values:

  • Access. Fyooz enables token holders to gain both access and participation with the token issuer.
  • Impact. Fyooz makes it possible to initiate projects AND to let others participate.