Security Concept

The security measures applied by Fyooz meet the highest standards at every level.

At blockchain level, Fyooz is built on Ethereum, the largest blockchain besides Bitcoin. Ethereum has by far the most use cases worldwide. The blockchain is considered to be unhackable with today’s technologies. The only way to gain access to Star Tokens of a third party is by getting their Private Key. Like every other Blockchain project, users of Fyooz will be reminded repeatedly and on multiple levels to keep their keys safe. Since it will never be possible to completely rule out human error, Fyooz has developed and integrated security measures which will prevent major damage at all thinkable scenarios and which put our security level ahead of the majority of other blockchain projects. The maximum security level not only applies to blockchain related solutions, but also to our conventional web applications which are based on our experience with a large number of projects we have realized for leading enterprises such as Lufthansa who trust our best-in-class technologies.

The security measures per category can be summarized as follows:

Fyooz Backend (Cloud Environment)

  • Secure microservice architecture
  • Vertical and horizontal scaling
  • OAuth2 protected https/ssl API calls
  • Sensitive data and secrets are SHA-256 encrypted
  • No hard coded secrets
  • Daily snapshots allow full recovery at any time (the system can not be blocked)
  • System monitoring

Fyooz Mobile App (iOS, Android)

  • Login/recovery via two distributed Mobile TANs
  • Wallet access protected with Fingerprint/Face-ID
  • Buy/Sell orders signed with Private Keys
  • only user can extract private key

Fyooz Web Apps (Tokomat, Admin Console)

Login via Mobile TAN/MetaMask Browser Extension •Impossible to access or extract Private Keys