White Paper —Get involved with the #1 NFL newcomer, winner of the Heisman Trophy 2020

With this collaboration, DeVonta Smith — the #1 wide receiver rookie in the NFL, extends the launch of his career as a professional football player right into the digital age. For holders of SMITTY COIN, this means participating in one of the greatest talents in one of the biggest sports.

What it’s about

The 1st round pick from the NFL Draft 2021 grants you access to all the hottest SMITTY NFTs and real-life experiences and benefits such as:

  • Playing Call of Duty vs Smitty
  • Taking part in a Monday Night Football watch party
  • Receiving a FaceTime call or a personalized message
  • And many more

By participating in SMITTY COIN you will have the chance to get your hands on his NFT collection, as well as one-of-a-kind experiences and original artwork from top Crypto Artists. The question is simple: Do you think that DeVonta Smith will succeed as a professional football player in the NFL? If yes, then you are the first to know about this opportunity:


With the publication of this White Paper, the ball game with SMITTY COIN begins. There is a total supply of 100,000 SMITTY COIN.

How to get SMITTY

There are two ways to obtain SMITTY: Airdrop or purchase.

Airdrop to the existing Fyooz Community
5,000 SMITTY will be distributed to the Fyooz community. Airdrop availability will be limited to first come, first served. Make sure you keep up to date in one of the Fyooz Circles or the FYZNFT Moon Club. The instructions to get the airdrop will be posted in these community groups.

If you’re not yet in a Fyooz Circle or the Moon Club, visit www.fyooz.io/circle or www.fyooz.io/fyznft and follow the instructions.

If you already have an FYZ or FYZNFT wallet, connect here:

Fyooz: The Club: 1,000 or more FYZ
👉🏼 http://bit.ly/FYZ_TheClub

Fyooz: The Jury: 10,000 or more FYZ
👉🏼 http://bit.ly/FYZ_TheJury

Fyooz: Moon Club: 1,000 or more FYZNFT
👉🏼 https://bit.ly/Fyooz_MoonClub

Purchase SMITTY on Uniswap
As of the publication of this White Paper, a Uniswap pool has been created with an initial liquidity of 20,000 SMITTY. The initial price per SMITTY is $ 0.50.

Get SMITTY on Uniswap:
👉🏼 https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x6BFf2fE249601ed0Db3a87424a2E923118BB0312&outputCurrency=0x7b3C536c0589A67d2398c4cF95cFD4948C5e0Fc5

If you don’t own any FYZ Coin yet:


Become a Fyooz community member and profit from benefits

1. Get DeVonta Smith NFTs in the Moon Club
Once you’re a member of the community, you will have the opportunity to receive NFTs from DeVonta Smith and associated collaborations. A number of mechanisms will be used to determine how Moon Club members will be able to access NFTs:

One for all: All members get the NFT
First come, First served: A limited number of members get the NFT
Voting: Members vote on allocation
SMITTY holdings: The longer you hold, the more you benefit
Wheel of Fortune: Leave it to chance
👉🏼 https://bit.ly/Fyooz_MoonClub

2. Airdrop
After SMITTY COIN trading has begun, Fyooz will airdrop a total of 5,000 SMITTY to the Fyooz Community over time to The Jury Members.
👉🏼 http://bit.ly/FYZ_TheJury


The initial price per SMITTY is $0.50. The trading pair on Uniswap is FYZ <> SMITTY. The price will be determined by the demand.

The total SMITTY COIN supply is 100,000 SMITTY. The allocation is as follows:

Table 1: Purpose, Type, and Allocation of SMITTY

From these main wallets SMITTY have been or will be distributed according to their purpose.

Treasury SMITTY: 0x7daF45FF45097920cF97276AF765B56fF1426251
Treasury Fyooz: 0x6D28995f0b3Af0F47F6A8D93E1a6f16462FbDaD5
Artist & Advisors: 0x60e60020c8f778012Eb2dFE9B7330202E738528f
Uniswap: 0x60F0010aAA135142Ef7e1931d720Aa3d04683476
Marketing Advisory: 0xbC2cDE87BBC1565406830964668C1EbBbA2f8b23
Community Airdrop: 0x94478de999dd1b3D830ddd5c74b9f1366Ca54723

Note: To prevent third-party bots from buying up SMITTY when the liquidity is added to Uniswap, 20,000 SMITTY are bound in the contract.

Check out SMITTY holders here.

Treasury: DeVonta Smith
25,000 SMITTY are reserved for Fyooz community members, recognizing marketing staff and suppliers who contribute to the project. U.S. stars and advisors are restricted from selling SMITTY during the initial 12 months, which applies to over 50% of the team members.

Treasury: Fyooz
25,000 tokens are reserved for marketing, awarding Fyooz community members, suppliers and staff that contribute to the project. Under current law, US team members and advisors are unable to sell SMITTY for 12 months, which also applies to nearly 50% of the coins.

Artists & Advisors
20,000 SMITTY are reserved for artists that design NFTs, and celebrities and advisors that have invested in the project. U.S. stars and advisors are restricted from selling SMITTY during the initial 12 months, which applies to over 50% of the team members.

Liquidity Uniswap
The initial liquidity available on Uniswap is 20,000 SMITTY. Additional liquidity may be added, but in no case will liquidity ever be withdrawn.

Marketing Advisory
5,000 SMITTY will be distributed to third-party marketing advisors and their teams.

Community Airdrop
Rules to receive the 5,000 SMITTY airdrop will be announced in the Fyooz Circles. Join the Fyooz Community now!
👉🏼 https://www.fyooz.io/circle

About DeVonta Smith
DeVonta Smith is a American football wide receiver, currently playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. Born on November 14, 1988 in Louisiana, Devonta won the Heisman Trophy alongside many honors and awards, by recording over 1800 yards with 23 touchdowns. Since 1991, he was the first wide receiver after Desmond Howard and only fourth overall to win a Heisman Trophy. While at Alabama, DeVonta also won two College Football National Championships. In 2021, he was drafted by the Eagles in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Considered as one of the best receivers in the 2021 NFL Draft, Devonta Smith was rated a four-star prospect out of Amite Magnet School. After his amazing year at Alabama, he also won the College Football Playoff Offensive MVP award, the 2020 Biletnikoff Award to college football’s best wide receiver, and the 2020 Heisman Trophy to college football’s best player.

About Fyooz
Fyooz is the fusion of popular culture and cryptocurrency, enabling the tokenization of artists and their art. Through Fyooz, culture becomes a digital store of value in coins that offer utilitarian benefits. Fyooz represents live, digital, rare, and limited one-on-one experiences you can’t get anywhere else.



The SMITTY COIN is issued and distributed by Ones And Heroes GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland, based on a license from DeVonta Smith. It does not constitute an investment and is not a security. There are other crypto coins or tokens in the market that are either explicitly or implicitly securities, or that are intended to have the characteristics of securities that promise or intend to provide a return to investors in a manner comparable to the types of returns expected by equity investors. However, the SMITTY COIN is not such an investment.

The User is expected to buy and hold the SMITTY COIN in order to gain access to exclusive membership and participation in the programs heretofore described. This means that the SMITTY token does not represent or constitute any ownership rights or stake, shares or security or equivalent rights with the Seller, and therefore conveys no rights to receive or participate in future profits, revenue streams, proceeds, or other forms of financial gains that are related to these activities. The effective arrangement with regard to the proceeds of the Token sale is specified in the Whitepaper under Tokenomics, whereby DeVonta Smith and his affiliates receive a license fee of 25,000 SMITTY COIN.

Furthermore, the SMITTY COIN does not create or confer any enforceable contractual or other obligations against the Seller or Licensor. The User therefore understands and acknowledges that the SMITTY COIN does not, and shall not be construed to, grant to the User any license or right of any nature with respect to any intellectual property rights, rights of publicity, or equivalent rights in or related to the Seller, the Licensor or any of its affiliates.

The User understands and acknowledges that the Seller has the right to add and remove token functionalities at any time at their sole discretion. Since the addition of token functionalities by the Seller and the Licensor is not guaran-teed, the User is aware that the SMITTY COIN may not provide the User with any token functionalities whatsoever.

Further, Users should only purchase tokens in such quantities as will actually be used to gain access to membership and/or related programs and activities as described herein within the foreseeable future.

With regards to sweepstakes conducted in connection with the SMITTY COIN, no purchase, payment, or donation of any kind is necessary to enter or win. Free participation for airdrops is available on

http://bit.ly/Free_Registration_SMITTY. The terms on https://www.fyooz.io/terms are considered also applicable here.