Spotify’s Manhanga is latest music influencer to join Fyooz

Sam Manhanga of Spotify is the latest music industry influencer to join Fyooz as an advisor.

Recently Fyooz announced Dre London, famed manager of Post Malone and Tyga, joining as an advisor too. As Lil Yachty, the Billboard and Grammy nominated artist is about to launch his token on the Fyooz platform, Fyooz sees significant potential to transform the music industry because the benefits of tokenization can be extended in so many ways. Therefore, it is delighted to have Sam Manhanga join to advise how best to offer the Fyooz capabilities to artists and fans.

Through tokenization, artists can easily and seamlessly make available the following types of benefits to their loyal fans: Exclusive content, early access, discounts, opportunities to participate in contests, rights to express their opinion via polls, and many more new ideas we haven’t even conceived of will come from the artists and fans themselves. Even physical aspects of an artist’s performance and life can be tokenized, for example, a specific costume or musical instrument can be tokenized and then raffled at the end of a performance or tour.

But perhaps the most innovative aspect in this new paradigm is the opportunity to participate financially in a star’s ascendance to fame. Everyone has a favourite, up and coming local band or musician, but what if you could buy a token representing the artist or band, and then as fame envelops them, your token appreciates in value because more and more people want it and the access it delivers?

For the musical artist, the experience is equally compelling. Without being able to tour and connect with audiences in live performances, musicians today lose not only revenue but also appeal. Fyooz cements the relationship by way of a token which represents access, rights and in the end, appreciable value. And all within a swipe of a phone or click of a mouse for those stars who want to deliver this new experience.

Sam Manhanga sees the same bright future that Fyooz sees in tokenization. “I’m excited to partner with Fyooz and offer a digital solution to the entire live entertainment business.”

Speaking today, Remo Prinz said “Sam represents all that is dynamic and progressive at Spotify where he acts as Manager, Artist & Label Marketing. Spotify dominates the way we consume music in the 21st century. The days of physical music are long behind us, so the industry must continue to find new revenue streams and new ways of interacting. Fyooz provides such a way.”