One of footballs most extraordinary talents, DeVonta Smith launches $SMITTY on Fyooz

One of footballs most extraordinary talents, DeVonta Smith will launch $SMITTY on Fyooz. The Philadelphia Eagles recently selected DeVonta Smith in the 2021 National Football League (NFL) draft.

As a superstar in American Football, Smith has already earned the 2020 Heisman Trophy. He is sure to soar to greater heights as a Philadelphia Eagle. With his $SMITTY token, he will offer fans unique experiences and collectibles. Fans who hold $SMITTY tokens can enjoy exclusive engagements, including playing Call of Duty with him, taking part in a Monday Night Football watch party, receiving a FaceTime call or a personalized message, sitting down for a private dinner, attending a live game with field access, and a chance to win signed cleats and memorabilia.

American fans love football, 37% declare it as their favourite sport. Football is not just the largest fan based sport in America but NFL is the highest-grossing sports league in the world, with an estimated $16 billion in pre-pandemic revenue.

DeVonta Smith is among the new breed of players who recognize nise that digital experiences will help grow their personal brands and revolutionize fan engagement.

Just as Smith navigates field routes like no other player, we are delighted to cooperate with him as he touchdowns for his fans with $SMITTY.

Join us in celebrating DeVonta Smith, already a shining superstar of Americas biggest sport as he launches $SMITTY.

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The SMITTY COIN is issued and distributed by Ones And Heroes GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland, based on a license from DeVonta Smith. It does not constitute an investment and is not a security. There are other crypto coins or tokens in the market that are either explicitly or implicitly securities, or that are intended to have the characteristics of securities that promise or intend to provide a return to investors in a manner comparable to the types of returns expected by equity investors. However, the SMITTY COIN is not such an investment.

The User is expected to buy and hold the SMITTY COIN in order to gain access to exclusive membership and participation in the programs heretofore described. This means that the SMITTY token does not represent or constitute any ownership rights or stake, shares or security or equivalent rights with the Seller, and therefore conveys no rights to receive or participate in future profits, revenue streams, proceeds, or other forms of financial gains that are related to these activities. The effective arrangement with regard to the proceeds of the Token sale is specified in the Whitepaper under Tokenomics, whereby DeVonta Smith and his affiliates receive a license fee of 25,000 SMITTY COIN.

Furthermore, the SMITTY COIN does not create or confer any enforceable contractual or other obligations against the Seller or Licensor. The User therefore understands and acknowledges that the SMITTY COIN does not, and shall not be construed to, grant to the User any license or right of any nature with respect to any intellectual property rights, rights of publicity, or equivalent rights in or related to the Seller, the Licensor or any of its affiliates.

The User understands and acknowledges that the Seller has the right to add and remove token functionalities at any time at their sole discretion. Since the addition of token functionalities by the Seller and the Licensor is not guaran-teed, the User is aware that the SMITTY COIN may not provide the User with any token functionalities whatsoever.

Further, Users should only purchase tokens in such quantities as will actually be used to gain access to membership and/or related programs and activities as described herein within the foreseeable future.

With regards to sweepstakes conducted in connection with the SMITTY COIN, no purchase, payment, or donation of any kind is necessary to enter or win. Free participation for airdrops is available on The terms on are considered also applicable here.