Commandment IV


The work sees itself as a meaningful compass for the society of the future. It is intended to provoke the contemplative associative space for individual thoughts, dialogues and actions in a sustainable way."Ten Commandments Vol. 2" is a kind of social sense-lifting. This in favor of a new, contemporary reality of the world. With new commandments to appeal to self-reflection and to inspire an individual approach for a new culture of values in society and in business.This new reality is underlined by the fact that the work "Ten Commandments Vol. 2" not only opens the discussion about value culture in the physical world, but also finds itself as a digital, unique original via an identity on the blockchain.The artwork exists as an individual cryptocurrency ($ZGV2) and as an NFT collection of 10 editions per commandment that anyone in the world can purchase as a digital original.With the purchase of this NFT, you participate in this process and own 1 of 10 digital originals of this commandment.


$ 1'552.91