Music giant, Dre London joins Fyooz as an advisor

Fyooz has secured Dre London, one of the music industry’s top managers as an advisor. Dre manages top 10 artists including Post Malone accounting for billions of streams.

Dre, who sets his goals high and doesn’t stop until he gets his talents there, has already won Variety Hitmaker Manager of the Year. He joins Fyooz as advisor on bridging the music & talents sector to Fyooz, the worlds’ leading social money platform. He will advise Fyooz as momentum builds around the launch of Lil Yachty’s token.

The English Dude

Truly a visionary, when Dre arrived in the USA he found New York had the same kind of toughness as his hometown of London, but felt that there were many more hustlers. No doubt some thought, who is this black dude with an English accent saying he was going to do this and that. Realising his energy and buzz was getting pushed down, he followed his future to the West Coast. Not long after his move there, he met a young musician who had just moved from Dallas. At that moment, Dre realised that he needed to get Post Malone to where he is at today. The English dude did so and continues to invest his ability in getting others there too. He is admired and loved by all who have the grace to be infected by his energy and ability.

Dreams really exist

Dre is a global ambassador for proof that the path from dreams to success really exists. With the vision of the American dream and a one-way plane ticket from London to the USA in 2008, Dre hasn’t looked back. He manages one of the hottest artists in the world, Post Malone who with over 41.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify, has four multi-platinum singles and the number #1 debut platinum album of all time — Stoney. Just this week Posty was nominated for 3 Grammys. He is already the recipient of multiple awards including three American Music Awards, ten Billboard Music Awards and a MTV Video Award. Other clients on Dre London Entertainment Inc. roster include producer @tankgod, @tyga & @TylaYaweh. Hip Hop continues to be the largest music genre and Dre continues to blaze a trail on behalf of these gifted artists.

Pioneering spirit

He is renowned for pioneering new methodologies to bring success. When he began working with Post Malone, he had already spotted that the music world was going digital and so instead of approaching record companies, he went to SoundCloud which enabled his team to mass market Post Malone’s music on the web and send links to mobile phones and email addresses. Streaming now dominates music consumption and Dre is proud of the billions of streams from his clients.

In a past interview with Variety magazine, Dre referenced the power of digitalization, Saying he puts importance on the metrics of “how long they’re listening to a particular song, and which songs are more popular than others that helps us managers gauge what works, and what doesn’t, in real-time.” He continued by saying it also brings new challenges, including the speed at which tech is moving. “It’s sort of a gift and a curse,” said London. “Having to adapt so quickly to these changes is definitely key to an artist’s success.”

Solving music industry challenges

Dre is recognised and loved for his energy and determination and is centre stage to solving the challenges facing the music industry. On demand streaming is the fastest growth sector, up 16.2% in the first half of 2020. Finding new ways of connecting artists directly to their fans is more crucial than ever, as artists only receive on average 16% of streaming revenue, leaving many suffering, particularly up and coming talent. And leaving fans crying out for more active connection with their heroes.

Discovering Fyooz & Future Proofing The Music Industry

Commenting, Dre London said: “Fyooz has created a new way for artists, actors, athletes, gamers and all influencers to engage with their fans and offer them an exclusive experience that they can’t get anywhere else. With my vision, I hope to forge a new access asset class that can revolutionize the whole entertainment business. As awful as the pandemic has been, we have to find new innovative ways to engage our fans again”.

With crypto-currency and the underpinning technology Blockchain, it is now possible to forge a new type of financial bond between artist and fan. Fyooz allows artists to connect with their fans and fans to buy access to their heroes by tokenizing artists and their work. Fans who own artist tokens have exclusive privileges and access to the artist, possibly in ways never before imagined. Strategically, Fyooz has radically simplified onboarding fans into the crypto economy by enabling fans in 136 countries to buy artist tokens with a credit card, basically removing any barriers to mainstream crypto adoption.

Remo Prinz of Fyooz said: “We’re excited that Dre sees the potential of social money and the possibilities it enables for the democratization of the music industry. His joining our team is a powerful endorsement, and we need visionaries like Dre if we are going to bring about real change.’