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October 2020

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WHY WILL PEOPLE INVEST CASH IN TOKENS of things and People they love?

In addition to the emotional drivers it is primarily a question of motivation. Motivation is a psychological phenomenon. Neuro Marketing is giving necessary answers here. Tokens can then be successfully sold the better the benefits, needs, goals, motives or interests of the target group are met. To invest hard-earned money in a token, two decisive conditions must be met.

  1. the token must be coveted
  2. the token must convey the feeling of belonging (participation)

These two points have been proven in clinical psychology. As Donals Calne said: “Emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusion“. This sentence is based on the insight that two messenger substances are essentially responsible for creating the two described emotions. Dopamine and oxytocin.

  • Dopamine (reward) is the central force to create desire. Dopamine is the driver to hunt, go on adventures, explore new lands, or acquire new things like a token. So when it comes to arousing the desire for a token, the main thing is to trigger dopamine. The stimuli include surprise, novelty, music or sports events, and storytelling. These stimuli explain, for example, the success of social media. Fyooz also offers them and adds a powerful stimulus on top of it: winning and making money.
  • Oxytocin (affiliation) is responsible for most of our socially based behaviors such as love, trust, and bonding (tribal marketing). Oxytocin is highly relevant to Fyooz. Because unlike the fleeting like or passive following on social media, the fan invests real money in Fyooz and thus demonstrates his or her affiliation. He will do this especially when a high degree of participation is awaiting him. Known triggers are: a) generosity b) gifts c) Personal salutation.

Are People willed to buy tokens?

Due to the novelty of crypto and blockchain, the study situation is thin, particularly because there are only isolated use cases. Nevertheless, there is a – albeit non-scientific – survey which aims to answer this question. The industry leader for statistical surveys in the crypto sector conducted a Twitter survey in March 2019 to determine the willingness to buy a token of a sports brand: They received 1,700 responses. 47% of them stated that they were likely or very likely to buy a token from a sports brand.


Fyooz is building a user-friendly crypto market on ramp, so that mainstream adopters can have a first experience with crypto that closely resembles social media, with which billions of people are already enamored. Instead of directly investing in a cryptocurrency – which many may find scary or intimidating – you can first invest in something that you love, understand and are familiar with. As an example, you could purchase the token of your favorite sportsperson, film or musical artist, or perhaps a climate change activist group whom you want to support.

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