Fyooz has a perfect Start — Thank you

Today, exactly one week ago, we listed our coin. Well, what shall we say: What a week! We are simply overwhelmed how you have welcomed us into the Crypto-Community! For your euphoric feedback, your motivating comments and most of all — for your trust in us, we want to sincerely thank you. You are great! You have far exceeded all our expectations!

Dear Fyooz Community,

Over the last two years, we have invested all our passion, energy, professionalism and business experience in a very special vision: we want to develop a blockchain-company that is based on values, that is 100% trustworthy and is easy to use and accessible for everyone in the world. At Fyooz, our goal is to establish a currency that will inspire people to trust their own dreams and visions. A currency that allows them to invest in what they love.

You encourage and motivate us enormously to continue on the path we have chosen. Together with you we will make it!

We are here because we are convinced that the old, traditional financial systems create imbalances. They exclude many people by creating complex hurdles that deny the majority of humanity access to economic cycles and thus prosperity.

We started with a fine piece of performance-art and will continue to promote projects that challenge the value-based and ideological foundation of Fyooz, like the extraordinary collaboration with the internationally known artists Riklin brothers. Their work “Ten Commandments Vol. 2”, which they realized in close partnership with Fyooz, is not only part of our founding act, but also our mission statement. You can find it on www.fyooz.io.

3’500 years ago, the biblical Ten Commandments restructured the coexistence of a community that had just freed itself from slavery. It is the firm intention and strategy of Fyooz to change old financial systems and investment processes. To democratize and rehumanize them to free the people. We may not succeed in this today. But with your support, perhaps tomorrow. Let us make the difference together! We have come to change things. And we have come to stay.

Thank you, for your trust!
The Fyooz Founders