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Fyooz is a new marketplace to invest in what you believe in. Here are some of the questions people have asked us already. If you do not find your answer, check our Wiki or reach out to us.


How does Fyooz work?

Fyooz is a marketplace powered by blockchain. It is built to democratize participation in investment. Fyooz is a marketplace for celebrities, brands, destinations, events and causes to tokenize attention, building a direct financial bond and easily granting access, preference and participation to loyal followers. Fyooz enables humanity to invest in aspects of life to which they are emotionally connected. Loyal followers can participate in the success of what they are passionate about, and gain economic, other benefits and functionalities.

On Fyooz, Star Tokens are bought, held and traded. Each Star Token has it’s own token card which details price and functionalities. There is a built-in crypto wallet to store Fyooz coins (FYZ) which is the official currency of Fyooz. FYZ is issued by Urknall Inc.


The individuals, brands, places and social movements that are tokenized on the Fyooz platform are called Star Tokens. The​ ​token itself​ ​is​ ​a​ ​digital asset,​ ​bearing​ ​value​ ​based​ ​on​ ​its​ ​underlying​ ​assets,​ ​properties​ ​and/or associated​ ​rights and by it’s demand.

What is New?

Fyooz is a new investment option for a world that is in transition, allowing participation and engagement with what you love and admire. First, you are no longer just a follower. By buying Star Tokens, you now directly participate in fame and success, both emotionally and financially. Second, you can be closer than ever before to the things you love and as a token holder, you will receive token benefits, such as exclusive access or rights. Third, by buying Star Tokens, you are showing the world what has value and what is BIG! You will be defining the values of our time.


How to buy Star Tokens?

You can buy Star Tokens on the Fyooz.io website or the Fyooz App which is available on IOS and Android. We also provide a Fyooz marketplace widget that can be integrated into any website.

How to sell Star Tokens

Selling and trading occurs on the Fyooz App.



The Fyooz coin (FYZ) is the currency of the Fyooz marketplace. FYZ allows market participation and ensures liquidity. FYZ can be exchanged for both fiat and other crypto currencies. FYZ is a regulated payment token that meets KYC/AML requirements.

Where can I buy Fyooz Coins?

Today, you can invest in FYZ via Urknall AG and on digital exchanges including Bibox from September 2020.

Why do I need Fyooz Coins, I just want to buy star tokens?

Fyooz is a regulated and compliant marketplace. The Fyooz coin is a payment token that meets KYC/AML requirements and is counterbalanced by Fiat and other cryptocurrencies as trading objects. Fyooz Coins can be sold in many jurisdictions around of the world. It is only in this setting that it is possible to create Star Tokens and subsequently make them tradable on the Fyooz marketplace.

The Fyooz Coin delivers liquidity for the Fyooz marketplace, as it will take time for the network effect to gain momentum. The network effect is a direct function of two things, first; a threshold population on both sides of the marketplace (Star Tokens and Token Holders) and second, the number of successful transactions.

Have more Questions?

Check out our Wiki for extensive detail on Fyooz and the underlying token economics of the Fyooz marketplace, token specifications and FYZ coin issuance. Our team is here to help with any questions related to investing in Fyooz. Reach out directly!

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