Let Your Audience Participate

Become a token. Give your fans and followers a new way to connect that has never existed before. Get tokenized now.

Why Become a Token


Transform your popularity into a revenue stream. Capitalize on your emotional value.


Increase interaction with your fans, customers and followers. Connect with believers who are ready to invest.


Validate products and projects with your community directly. 


Grow supporter and fan reward with the utilities you give to every token owner.


You have exclusive power to decide about token quantity, price and utilities given. No hidden fees.

What others say

Morgan Pierce

Marketing Expert

Daniel Koss

CEO Yxterix

Dietmar Dahmen

Innovation Expert

Steffi Buchli

Vice President MySportsCH

How to get tokenized


Tokenization is exclusively set up. Get in touch.


Specify the details of your token generation with us.


Set up a simple token profile within minutes.


Adapt functionalities and grow with your community.


Monetize your popularity.

Talk to us about your token!


I am already on social media. Why should I be a token?

We add value to social media. Fyooz is about participation and about both sides being able to grow together. Fans, followers and supporters can participate in the fame and popularity of others as they are invested in crypto money. They can profit with the rising attention of you and the things they like. This is not possible with social media today. Additionally, you can create a new source of income by issuing your own token.

What is the New revenue Stream we are talking about?

When stars, talents and brands issue their tokens and sell them to their fans and believers, a new source of income opens up. Fans can now “invest” in Stars, Talents and Brands. This is new.

Why are FYZ Coins needed? Why not Just use ETH or BTC to Invest in me?

Our own regulated currency, Fyooz Coin, provides liquidity on the platform and enables us to issue Star Tokens (Utility Tokens) under its “umbrella” in a regulatory secured manner. In addition, the increase in value of the Fyooz Coin, which we create and issue on the basis of a Logarithmic Coin Offering, is also an incentive for investors. The more Star Tokens that come onto the platform, the more Fyooz Coins are created (mathematical scarce supply model, all along a logarithmic curve worked out by university professors). The more the value of the FYZ Coin increases.

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